Applying False Lashes

Applying False Lashes

Trim Your False Lashes

Hold your false lashes over the lid of your eye and against the lash line. With your fingers (not the scissors!) measure the lashes against your eyelid. Once you have an idea of how they fit, remove them from your eyes. Trim the excess length from the corners of your false lashes. You can use the clippings to as layers, later!
If you prefer, you can also cut your false lashes into multiple smaller pieces and apply them individually.

Apply Your Makeup

To make your false lashes look more natural, apply your makeup before the lashes.

Curl and apply mascara to your natural lashes—this helps support the weight of your falsies and the mascara helps your natural lashes blend in with the false ones.

As mink lashes are delicate, avoid getting mascara or eyeliner on the lashes themselves. Be sure to let your makeup dry before applying them.

Shape Your False Lashes (Optional)

While this isn't required when applying falsies, it's super easy and helps with the application process. Without creasing the band, curl the false lashes into a "C" shape. You can do this by taking the edges of the band and pulling them towards each other. Alternatively, you can wrap the lashes around a finger, then allow the lashes to stick to your finger in that position for 10-15 seconds.

Apply Glue

Apply the false lash glue of your choice to the band of the lashes. Be sure to apply evenly across the band, taking care not to forget the edges.
Before applying them to your eyelids, let the glue dry a little and become tacky. If you're in a hurry you can lightly tap the glue with your finger until you feel it begin to stick to your skin. You can also wrap the lashes around your finger, as mentioned in the previous step.

Apply Your Lashes

Start in the outer corner of your eye and using your fingers or tweezers, carefully lay the band on your eyelid along your natural lash line. If you have difficulty applying them head on, angle your mirror upward—by laying it on a book if it's a hand held or turning it if it has its own base—and try applying your lashes while looking downwards.
If you'd like, you can apply the excess clippings to the outer corners of your eyes for extra drama!

Touch up and Go!

Blink a few times or flutter your lashes to make sure they feel comfortable. To make the hide the band, add some eyeliner along the lash line or use a fine brush to apply some dark eye shadow. Take care to avoid getting the eyeliner or mascara on the lashes themselves.
Touch up your makeup if you need to and enjoy your luscious lashes!