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Care for False Lashes

Making Your Lashes Last

Properly caring for your lashes helps ensure that they last up to 15 wears. Part of that process is keeping them clean. As your eyes are a sensitive area, it is important to always use clean materials when caring for false lashes. This ensures that they don't come into contact with anything that could potentially lead to irritation. Proper care extends their wearability and prevents the build up of bacteria. We recommend cleaning your false lashes after every two wears.

Remove Your Lashes Carefully

When removing your lashes, take your time. Grasp them by the band, rather than the lashes. Avoid pulling or tugging on the lashes themselves—you should treat them the way you would treat  your natural lashes, be gentle. Grip the band, while careful not to pinch any of your own lashes, and slowly pull it away from your eye.

Clean Gently

Without pulling too hard on the band, carefully peel off the residual glue with your fingers or tweezers. Avoid pulling on the lashes themselves, as this may damage them.

Avoid getting your lashes wet for at least two days after wearing them.

Next, lay the lashes on a paper towel and very gently clean with a q-tip and warm water. Avoid using excess water, as this can damage the mink. Do not massage your lashes dry, if you have accidentally used to much water, lightly dab your lashes with a dry q-tip. 

Storing Your Lashes

Store your lashes in their original case or in a dry, clean place, with little humidity or makeup residue. This keeps your lashes safe and ensures that they don't pick up anything that might irritate your eyes.

Avoid Chemicals and Soaking

Because mink lashes are delicate, chemicals in makeup remover, or oil based products can damage them or cause them to become misshapen. For these reasons, it is recommended that you don't use mascara on your false lashes.

Soaking in water can also cause damage to your lashes or cause them to lose their shape or curl. For the best results, follow the directions above to carefully clean and store your lashes.